Addy's Hair Salon San Francisco

"Addy's Hair Salon" is a unique, full-service salon located in the heart of San Francisco, featuring a group of multi-talented hairstylists with an eye both to precision and artistic expression. During the past  seven years we have dedicated and rededicated our artistry and vision and have enjoyed our personal and collective successes.

Participating in a great number of professional hair shows and promotional exhibitions throughout the United State and abroad, the creative team at
"Addy's Hair Salon" is searching constantly for new and original ideas through hair shows and beauty publications in order to explore and develop artistic alternative. We believe that looking towards the future and experimenting with new techniques and novel ideas is the most progressive way of ensuring succes in our chosen profession.

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531 Geary Street
San Francisco C.A 94102
(415) 441-4731

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